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What does it take to create sustainable success? How do you stay true to the vision on which a company is built while still finding ways to innovate and grow? How can you create an environment that promotes employee growth and happiness?

These are just a few of the big-picture questions that company executives are faced with daily. The truth is, there isn't a unified rule in entrepreneurship, only what is learned from others and from personal experience.

In his book, serial entrepreneur Brett Beveridge shares with readers his foundational principles of entrepreneurship.

about the book

Through this inspiring tale of dedication, innovation, and excellence, you will learn:

  • The importance of being a passionate entrepreneur
  • How to amaze your customers
  • What outsourcing can do for your business
  • The value of honesty and integrity in every situation
  • How change and constant learning are fuel for growth
  • What makes an outstanding company culture

about the author

25 years of experience nurturing startups and running a multi-billion dollar company.

Founder and CEO of T-ROC, Brett Beveridge has founded nearly 20 companies, with several of them landing on the Inc. 500/5000 Fortune 500 list. This new book will be a culmination of his over 30 years of experience ranging from nurturing startups to running a multibillion-dollar corporate division.

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Follow along on Brett’s journey to the entrepreneurial dream to see how his applied wisdom can fuel innovative growth within your business.

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