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Business advice from the founder and CEO of T-ROC, Brett Beveridge.

A passionate presenter with an inspiring story of entrepreneurial success, Brett Beveridge ignites a spark in his audiences that fuels their desire to succeed. His keynote presentations captivate audiences of savvy executives with years of experience, business leaders eager to strengthen their company culture, and would-be entrepreneurs unsure of their ideas. Brett offers his lectures as both entertainment and education for industry conventions and corporate and private events.

He understands the challenges facing both start-up organizations and Fortune 500 companies alike – deciding between insourcing versus outsourcing talent, developing and defining company culture, and successfully leveraging people and technology for revenue generation. With his keen business insight and acumen, Brett pushes the status quo toward constant reinvention in order to avoid irrelevance in the marketplace.

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Bring inspiration, motivation, and insight from Brett to your event.

Follow along on Brett’s journey to the entrepreneurial dream to see how his applied wisdom can fuel innovative growth within your business.

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