September 19, 2022

Leveraging the Power of Technology to Meet Customers Where They Are


With social distancing becoming a thing of the past, customers can now shop more confidently at retail stores. In May 2022, in-store sales grew 13.4% over the same period in 2021. Online sales are not going away by any means. They, too, increased in May by 2.2% year over year. What does this mean for retailers? It means that now more than ever, it is important to take an omnichannel approach to selling. Omnipresent marketing is key to maximizing the reach, efficiency, and ROI of your retail marketing strategy, but without proper business intelligence, your strategy may not have what it takes to take your brand to the next level.

What is business intelligence? Think of it as a sales and branding superpower. It enables a brand or retailer, along with its sales channels and marketing content, to be everywhere and anywhere its customers are—instantly and perpetually. Being present on all channels is a necessity in today’s market. Customers have grown accustomed to easy, convenient, and personalized shopping experiences and they choose to patronize brands and retailers that offer a high level of customer service. What must you do to provide the services they expect?

You can’t leverage today’s multichannel retail environment unless you understand how it operates. Creating a seamless ecommerce experience on your website and being knowledgeable about the latest technological innovations are critical to improving the customer experience.

Maximizing your digital footprint and physical in-store presence with a comprehensive merchandising strategy can give your brand the omnipresent marketing edge. At T-ROC, we are experts in creating faster, easier, and more engaging customer experiences. We have the resources and expertise to do so effectively across both physical and online sales channels, which is something many brands and retailers cannot accomplish on their own. This is particularly true concerning new digital solutions and software that are too cost-prohibitive for a brand or retailer to add to their accounting spreadsheet. These technologies are imperative for the success of retail merchandising companies, so they will always be on top of the latest tech.

Staying up to date with technology is crucial because digitization has created a retail environment that is changing as fast as it is growing. Any brand or business that is not operating at the forefront of new retail merchandising solutions will likely find themselves falling behind those companies who are at the top of the tech game.

The latest merchandising-meets-technology solution developed by T-ROC, is called VIBA, which stands for Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador. VIBA is the first solution to incorporate VR and AR technology, live video chats, live streaming broadcasts, and on-demand content into an omnichannel platform capable of engaging customers in ways that were never before possible. Customers can ask any questions they have about a brand or product in realtime and speak with either a real life brand ambassador, or our virtual assistant named Valerie, who can answer anything and everything they may ask. Customers can even launch this entire experience by simply scanning a QR code on a product or display, clicking a weblink online, or by stepping right up to a VIBA in-store Smart Sign.

If you’d like to learn more about VIBA and other innovations that are transforming the future of retail, contact the experts who are driving these solutions at T-ROC.

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