May 5, 2021

T-ROC unites with Conversity to enhance online shopping experience


The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC) has reportedly announced its partnership with Conversity, the IGS (Intelligent Guided Selling) platform creator. This partnership was entered in a bid to enhance the in-store and online shopping experiences of customers by combining advanced technologies for a unique experiential & engaging sales process.

The latest partnership deal will combine the capability to design dynamic customer journeys by Conversity with the 1st-of-its-kind touchless customer engagement, support, and sales solution of T-ROC, i.e. Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador (VIBA). The deal will also make Conversity’s IGS platform available to T-ROC’s clients as well as other brands to help them innovate, boost bottom lines, and enhance customer experiences.

VIBA is capable of instantly connecting customers with a virtual bot or a live sales agent. This in-store customer engagement solution combines AI (artificial intelligence) and NLP (natural language processing) bots to provide access to a live person who answers queries, offers advice, displays content like high-definition videos or images, as well as provides coupons in real-time.

According to Conversity’s Global Chief Customer Officer, Brad Christian, the company’s latest collaboration with T-ROC will help retail companies deliver exceptional e-Commerce and in-store virtual support, which in turn, will fuel the conversion rates as well as the average transaction values. He further added that the unique VIBA solution will serve as a compelling, next-level technology and aid its Intelligent Guided Selling platform. Therefore, the two companies will coexist and complement flawlessly in driving virtual sales and customer support experiences.

T-ROC’s CEO & founder, Brett Beveridge, has reportedly cited that the Conversity solution will draw out the needs and preferences of customers to provide its retail clients with real-time insights to create a personalized experience and generate profits and sales. The company will also leverage the VIBA solution to finalize the shopping decision of customers and replicate the in-store experience in an online shopping environment.

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