January 13, 2021

What is T-ROC Superpower?


Our diverse team. When you bring together brilliant minds regardless of who they are or where they come from, it fuels new ideas, broader insights and better solutions. It’s the greatest advantage we bring to clients. We’re proud to celebrate you, our diverse T-ROCers!

Thanks for being our company’s superpower.

T-ROC Speaks Many Languages and is an Important One DIVERSITY. T-ROC is proud of our diverse and exceptional team members. Their differences are a key part of setting us apart from other companies and adapting to an ever-changing business and cultural landscape. From South Florida to across the country and around the world, our diverse team of more than 7,000 employees are an essential piece of the retail puzzle. We embrace the ethnicities, genders, ages, disabilities, and sexual orientations of every team member because that is what makes T-ROC who we are. Each T-ROCer’s personal experiences lends them to contribute varied ideas, perspectives and passions that enable all of us as a whole to accomplish great things.

At T-ROC, we have a three-fold approach to making sure diversity is incorporated into our business model. First, we engage in strategic hiring approaches to ensure that our workforce reflects the communities where we offer services. We do that by participating in job fairs and engaging with job boards that specifically cater to veterans, minorities, and women. We believe that hiring all different perspectives is the right thing to do. We work to ensure that our hiring process is free from bias and celebrates the most qualified candidates. Once an employee joins T-ROC, it is important that we honor and educate each other on our differences to create an inclusive culture. We are also developing a diversity and inclusion web page where employees can learn about the different aspects of a diverse workplace. It will be home to a video series highlighting what makes our fellow T-ROCers special.

We feel it is important to celebrate and ensure our team members feel heard with the opportunity to share their individual experiences. This tool will help to form relationships and bonds between team members having the opportunity to hear from one another. T-ROC provides support to various charities and great causes, while encouraging and celebrating when our team members across the country decide to support something that is significant to them. Part of the T-ROC ethos is to help others, and engaging in local events helps different needs of the community while opening our eyes to new perspectives and learning more about ourselves. A company’s culture exists because team members from top to bottom choose to value each employees’ unique point of view and how they identify.

Diversity and inclusiveness increase innovation and give you a competitive edge, it should be a priority and part of the philosophy for any business.



Reference: South Florida Business Journal

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